Maja SK Ratkje et Lasse Marhaug "Music For Gardening"

01. Music For Gardening
02. Complaints Won't Help
03. Call In The Dogs
04. Sound Check
05. Merry Go Round Circus In Town
06. Stuck In The Roundabout
07. Like A Prayer

Gardens and, perhaps more importantly, the act of gardening hold a romantic place in our civilized minds. Plato and other Greek philosophers used to teach in them, and gardening was associated with leading an ethically good, flourishing life. It allows us to connect to the natural world and, as Kant claimed, to mix it with our creative powers. Voltaire taught us the importance of tending to our own, and Rousseau strolled through them while reflecting on his life, finding some sort of companionship with the natural world in their presence. Although gardens became retreats for the aristocrats and the bourgeoisie that followed them, and later a way for suburbanites to falsely connect with nature by transplanting it indoors, there is something organic about them that at least equally connects to the common folk.

In an interview I read Lars von Trier (“Antichrist”) stated that he likes gardening, but that in his view gardening is not at all the peaceful, easy labor that it is regularly pictured to be. In von Trier’s view gardening is like playing a brutal god, in that you decide first what will grow and what is going to die in the field and then, when finally it has grown, you cut it up and eat it. He therefore claims that gardening is a brutal and cannibalistic act. But then he also says that he likes taking anti-depressiva and that he has no ethical predicaments about it. Yeah, right.

Et bien jardinez, maintenant....

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EdkOb a dit…

Pour et à toutes et tous qui se sont penchés, pour jardiner.


Anonyme a dit…

Super! Merci. Maja est géniale.