Derek BAILEY Jamaaladeen TACUMA Calvin WESTON "Mirakle"

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - bass
Calvin Weston - drums

Derek Bailey - guitar

1. Moment

2. What it is

3. This Time

4. Nebeula

5. Present

6. S' Now

In one of the most unlikely groupings in music history, avant-skronk guitar godfather Derek Bailey teams up with the harmolodic, free funk rhythm section of Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Calvin Weston. Weston and Tacuma have been the anchor for Ornette Coleman, James Blood Ulmer, and James Carter's first electric album; Weston has been a member of the Lounge Lizards, so these guys can clearly cut a groove. You'd be hard-pressed to say that Derek Bailey has ever grooved in his recorded career. That's what makes Mirakle so much fun. No one compromises their individual sound or strengths, but each is a good enough listener and improviser to make things happen as a group. Weston and Tacuma lay it down super funky, while Derek Bailey does his thing over the top, and it works! Who says the avant-garde can't be a rocking good time?


6 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Le super-coup du trio. Si vous n'avez rien d'autre de prévu pour les cent (100) prochaines années (durée mini, excusez du peu), allez donc vous frotter (brosser, gratter, coltiner,...) à la musique de Derek Bailey.
Bon, je vous accorde bien volontiers qu'il n'est pas question d'écouter ce trio - et Derek en particulier, tous les matins, en se levant. C'est même impossible.

Mais voilà, il y a un musicien qui s'appelle Derek Bailey.
Et il n'est pas question de l'ignorer.



Duck a dit…

"You'd be hard-pressed to say that Derek Bailey has ever grooved in his recorded career."

Gee, I dunno about that. That stuff with Ruins was pretty rockin'.

(Merci pour ceci!)

EdkOb a dit…

Hello Duck !

Thanks to you ;)

murder a dit…

Merci, EdkOb.

EdkOb a dit…

Salut murder.

Il y a des musiques définitives, de celles qui ouvrent.
Je n'écoute pas Derek Bailey tous les jours, mais parfois, j'écoute Derek Bailey.
Et là..

@ bientôt

Mister Moods a dit…

Merci pour celui-ci.