849 - Annelies Monseré "Helder"

Annelies Monseré is a songwriter and musician based in the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium and her debut album is a singular, embracing experience that mixes timelessly stark songs with a seeming disregard for convention or precedent. 'Helder' feels like a handwritten diary fleshed out with sublime piano-led melodies and penetrating vocals that situate themselves close to Mariska Baars' Soccer Committee Or Cat Power's Chan Marshall, to whom she's often compared. When Monseré plays she allows each note to speak clearly and simply and toys with a childlike naivety which is impossible not to fall in love with. There are faint echoes of early Stina Nordenstam or Empress in Monseré's delivery and the weathered fingerprint of shoegaze is buried somewhere deep in the mix for good measure. 'Helder' opens with 'We'll Dance' - a slow-burning piece of unfettered emotion that's ineffably beautiful yet almost dangerously volatile at one and the same time, teetering on the brink of something you just can't quite put your finger on. The lyrics are uttered slowly and cautiously, like someone whispering quietly in your ear, and when the track comes to its satisfying close you find yourself deep into uncharted musical territory with a comfortingly familiar voice for company. With rumors that the second Annelies Monseré album will be released on Type Records next year it's worth catching up now - this is an undiscovered gem of a record that will haunt you for the weeks and months to come, just the kind of album to distract you from our rather disappointing summer. Essential purchase.


Mélancolique, fragile, délicat, austère, dépouillé, parcimonieux, sobre, abouti.... le premier alboume paru en 2005 est déjà un classique. Il ne tient qu'à vous de l'acheter en masse.

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EdkOb a dit…


Ils déploient leurs immenses ailes.
Seigneurs des airs, tellement peu adroits sur terre.

Survolez les chemins.

Anonyme a dit…

thankyou - steve.

EdkOb a dit…

Wellcome, steve.

@ bientôt, en passant.

zzeitg a dit…

deleted and can't be found anywhere else --> pls. help and reupload!!! thx!