Potlatch 39 - des voix des cordes du souffle

01 Abbey Lincoln - Down Here Below

Down here below...
The winds of change are blowing
Through the weary night.
I prayed my soul will find me
Shining in the morning light,
Down here below.
Down here below,
It's not so easy
Just to be.
Sometimes I'm really all at sea.
You made me when the world was new
And skies were blue...
And I'm here because there's you.
They say I'll never see your face
And we're out there from your grace,
The one you fashioned with your hand,
And scattered all across the land,
But I am happy just to know
That you must go
Where I must go
For there are winds and scars to show
Livin' here down here below...
Down here below,
The setting sun is shining
On the melancholy mood.
I hear the distant thunder
And the crying of the blue
Down where below

I'm yours alone
The only one to call my own
The only one I've ever known
Sometimes I see you
Standing there
Sometimes I'm freer.
And you are here,
Down here with me,
You made me just the way a hear,
Or less feeling, eyes to see
A strange embrace, a simple hand,
A spirit free that says: "I can",
And I'm happy just to know
That you will go
Where I must go,
For you send me this I know
Living here, down here below,
Living here, down here below,
Living here, down here below.

02 Ane Brun - Changing of the Seasons

03 Clogs - Last Song

CLOGS "Last Song" from Brassland on Vimeo.

04 Iva Bittova & Bang On A Can - Elida

05 Laurie Anderson- Transitory Life

06 2 Foot Yard - Whistle Past the Graveyard

07 Causing a Tiger - Listen with My Feet

08 Emilie Lesbros - Improvisation

(attention, ce n'est pas la vidéo de l'improvisation du Potlatch qui vient de la défunte émission "à l'improviste" d'Anne Montaron)

09 Markku Ounaskari Samuli Mikkonen Per Jørgensen - Sjuan Gúr

10 Groove Lélé & Ernst Reijseger - Surya mwin

11 Clogs - The Owl of Love

12 My Brightest Diamond - To Pluto's Moon

(attention, version studio sur le Potlatch...)

13 Dharef Youssef - Sacré

14 François Corneloup Hélène Labarrière, Simon Goubert - Noir Lumière - Contrebasse Solo

(ce n'est pas la vidéo de "noir lumière - contrebasse solo", mais que c'est beau...)

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EdkOb a dit…


docteur cadichon a dit…

Le passant n'aurait-il pas vu que le concert est dans sa quasi intégralité, en HD avec un son à peu près correct ici

et techniquement un peu meilleur là:


sans compter d'autres vidéos de concerts par le même vidéaste, Domancich, Toullec, Montovani et Claudia Solal (entre autre une version sublime de Pork Pie Hat …)

EdkOb a dit…

Merci docteur ;-)))))

Tobias L. Thaler a dit…

looove the my brightest diamond track!! thank you very much!!

unique blog!