932 - Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins, Jim Black "One Great Night ... Live" !


Directly bought at Ellery, on his site, I received it on Saturday.
And there, attention: recording in public, as it is, magnificent.
I had not perceived to there all these interlacings, these curves, these melodic, harmonious crossings, this presence.
The musicians dare to take time, settle down quietly, as sometimes friends could enter discussion, present arguments, let them a little mature, then propose it the others, without forgetting what has just been said.

Even if sometimes some sound ascents can let augur time(weather) forts (and that's fine), more marked words, ideas which ask of the power to be born, he(it) gets free of the set(group) a shape of plenitude, a climate contrasted and qualified as an immense color palette.
Not all the colors, but certainly among the most beautiful.

The set of these 3 musicians, made by improvisation and by complicity, makes us live one thousand births!

Warmly recommended

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