925 - Food "Molecular Gastronomy"

[...]Losing a key member of a quartet can be challenging; losing two can be disastrous. There's no doubt that the departure of bassist Mats Eilertsen and trumpeter Arve Henrkisen from Anglo/Norwegian improvising collective, Food, has mandated significant change since its final effort as a quartet, Last Supper (Rune Grammofon, 2004). Based on their performance at Punkt '06 in Norway, however, British woodwind multi-instrumentalist Iain Ballamy and Norwegian percussionist Thomas Stronen have more than enough to continue on, a fact made clearer still on Molecular Gastronomy, Food's first release as a duo.[...]

[...Harmonic stasis may be the norm, but Food and its guests use sound sculpting, space and deceptively simple melodies to build music that may not have conventional form, but is never without purpose. Last Supper may have been Food the quartet's swan song, but the captivating Molecular Gastronomy makes it clear that its innovations are being carried forward without pause by its two remaining members.[...]


Iain Ballamy: saxophones and alto flute
Thomas Stronen: drums, electronics
Maria Kannegaard: Fender Rhodes (1, 5-8)
Ashley Slater: effects and keyboards (2, 3, 10).

Khymos; Apparatus; Red Algae; Iota; Spherification; Textures; Nature's Recipe; Heston; The Larder Chef; Alchemy.

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EdkOb a dit…

Certains partent vers de nouvelles aventures, d'autres restent et montrent que la poudre magique des sorciers sonores est toujours aussi magnifique.

Les sculpteurs de sons nourriciers du grand nord sont nos jardiniers du futur.


Passantes, les belles choses existent.