Christian MARCLAY, Ikue MORI, Elliot SHARP "Acoustiphobia"

On the first Acoustiphobia disc, the trio moves from very quiet moments of reverberant sound (electronic, metallic, plastic, or stringy) through periods of explosive polyrhythmic noise. Certain threads run through the pieces in alternating cooperation and defiance. Mori's drum sounds, for example, may emerge in perfect synchrony with the other players, only to rapidly shift tempo into a galloping rush. Meanwhile the other two performers may join in, or instead persist through the burst. Perhaps the most colorful contributions on Acoustiphobia come from Sharp's guitarbass, which he uses to deliver overtones, microtones, and a multitude of processed noises.

Disc two of Acoustiphobia features experiments in sound from students of Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts (sMFA). As a strictly student presentation, these twenty pieces reflect a cleverness and naivete which is rare in recorded media. Found sounds, vocal passages, and heavily treated electronic tones trade off throughout these pieces. And with the rich diversity of approaches, the listener must shift gears every few minutes to adjust to a new style of composition.



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EdkOb a dit…

Des différents aspects sonores de la vie. Des vies.
Musicale et réelle.
Comme une bande sonore d'un scénario parfois absurde, peu lisible, dense, poétique, sensuel... humain, dans sa version hésitante.
Donc, rien à voir avec la fascinante tentation de la maîtrise absolue.
L'humain tatonne, hésite, prend le temps de regarder, de flaner, d'écouter.
A l'inverse de l'humain qui est sans cesse dans l'affirmation programmatique.

Quel humain êtes-vous ?