Fima Ephron "Soul Machine"

01. Yemenite
02. Hasidic Folk Song

03. Pyramid

04. Oyfin

05. Yashkar

06. Moses

07. A Desert Storm

08. Scroll

09. Deadly Play Of Numbers

10. Noir

Fima Ephron :
Edward Simon :
Jim Black :
Dave Binney :
saxophone, clarinet (6)
Adam Rogers :
David Torn :
oud, samples, voice (6)
Buba Gisa Majerowitz :
voice on (10)
Mike Ephron :
voice (4)
Greg Wall :
clarinet (6)

The musicians intertwine odd-metered backbeats with a distinct sense of thematic expansion, while Rogers and Binney generate much excitement via their blistering crescendos and intricately developed harmonic variations. With "A Desert Storm," the band ventures into a slightly tongue-in-cheek psychedelic space vibe, thanks to David Torn's trippy EFX-based treatments and an ostinato synth groove atop the rhythm sections' surging undercurrents. Thus, Soul Machine is all about the gleeful coexistence of Jewish folk music and zesty modern jazz type interplay, while the ensemble augments its palate with craftily arranged jazz-fusion motifs. Ephron's wittily concocted compositions also feature characteristics that parallel the vim and vigor of an artist who has quite a bit to say. Recommended!

2 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Multiples rythmes dansants.
Musiques pour passantEs mélangéEs. Mondes métissés.
Claviers météorologiques. Basse de Terre. Isthmes. Groove ?
Oh Yeah !


Mister Moods a dit…

Et pour celui-là aussi.
Tzadik forever!