Eyvind Kang and the Neti-Neti Band - Live Low to the Earth, in the Iron Age

The main piece is the 27-minute "BINAH." The first half consists of a simple, country-tinged post-rock melody repeated endlessly on guitar, while violin and bass drone away (not tiresome at all; in fact, it's beautiful). Halfway through, the momentum shifts to let Kang's violin step to the front and solo Henry Flynt-style while the surroundings dissolve. "Highlands" is the only track with drums (there is only a bit of percussion in the other tunes) and it takes the form of freestyle lo-fi rock. The title piece has guitar, violin, bass, and organ playing a drone while an electric guitar solos slowly. This is a peaceful album, ambient with a midlands twist, much more unassuming and improvised than Kang's previous albums -- less impressive, but wasn't that the point?

François Couture - All Music

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