913 - Hilde Marie KJERSEM "A killer for that ache"

[...] But A Killer is Kjersem's show, all eleven songs written by the singer and demonstrating a wealth of ideas and breadth of scope. The title track is gorgeous, where a layered choir is all that's needed to support Kjersem's evocative vocal. [...] AAJ

Mary Full of Grace
Marie Antoinette
A Killer For That Ache
Midwest Country
Save Up
London Bridge
It Is Easy
Catching a Star
Working Girl

Hilde Marie Kjersem: vocals, autoharp, keys (2, 4, 8, 11)
Jørgen Munkeby: synth sax, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, vocal, guitar (8) tenor sax (10)
Torbjørn Folke Zetterberg: bass, moog, guitars, banjo, vocals, Rhodes (3), erhu (8)
Sjur Meiljeteig: trumpet, miscellaneous brass, vocals
Peder Kjellsby: drums, percussion, sid, vocals, piano (6)
Martin Revheim: additional snare drum (4)
Mark Kramer: organ (6).

5 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Un moment dominical de délicatesse, une petite pointe de mélancolie, passagère....


yvesruru a dit…

merci pour toute cette bonne nourriture destinée à nos oreilles...je suis un passant qui fait des images pour les yeux welcome sur http://savage-eyes.blogspot.com/

thebeathunters a dit…

guys, your selections are just delirious. spent some time diggin' back to keep up to date and i feel a bit dizzy...
much love, just passing by

LOPEZZ a dit…

Hola! este título puede interesarte,
Yvar Mikhashoff - Incitation to desire

Runimal a dit…


nice one!!