922 - Scorch Trio "Brolt !"

If Hendrix had a more extensive language, if Terje Rypdal had stuck with his freer playing on Jan Garbarek albums like Afric Pepperbird (ECM, 1970) and if Nels Cline were to possess an indescribably palpable Nordic edge, then you might have a fair approximation of the sound and approach of Raoul Bjorkenheim. But despite the dominance of the guitarist's voice in terms of motivic development, make no mistake: Scorch Trio is a democratic collective, and the contributions of Flaten and Nilssen-Love are equally definitive in sculpting the raw, assaultive and viscerally cleansing sound of Brolt.

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4 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Vous savez, passantEs, que ce trio est LE trio ultime.

A faire jouer tous les curseurs à fond. Totale saturation.


gareth a dit…

thank you!

EdkOb a dit…

Good listening, gareth.

Anonyme a dit…

apparently Nilssen-Love has since left the group, also, the vinyl copy of this album has approx 30% more material. Does anyone have this and can upload?