Ikue MORI "One hundred aspects of the Moon"

he Moon and the Abandoned Old Woman

A Buddish Monk Recieves Cassia Seeds on a Moonlit Night
Monkey Music Moon
Musashi Plain Moon
How Noisy the Sound of Insects Calling in the Meadow as for Me, I Make
Moon of the Lonely House
Cloth-Beating Moon
Dawn Moon and Thumbling Moon
Joganden Shooting Moon
Received Back into Moon Palace
Like a Reflection in the Moon
Glimpse of the Moon
The Moon's Inner Vision
Mountain Moon After Rain

Ikue Mori Producer, Main Performer, Drum Machine, Design
Theo Bleckmann Vocals
Eyvind Kang Violin
Anthony Coleman Organ, Piano
Erik Friedlander Cello
Kato Hideki Bass, Engineer

Ikue Mori's One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (Tzadik, 2000) is a wonderful and multi-faceted modern chamber suite similar in nature to her film music, as opposed to, say, her work in Death Ambient. The work is named for Mori's inspiration in composing this music, a woodblock print series by Yoshitoshi, the last master of Japanese Ukiyoe. The pieces ranges from a section reminiscent of John Zorn's cartoon music, called "Monkey Music Moon," to the interim piece heard during "Like a Reflection in the Moon" to the disturbed and repetitive "Cloth-Beating Moon." Mori performs on her drum machines, joined by pianist and organist Anthony Coleman, violinist Eyvind Kang, cellist Erik Friedlander, bassist Kato Hideki, and the vocals (acrobatics, speaking, and singing) of Theo Bleckmann. ~ Joslyn Layne, All Music Guide.

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EdkOb a dit…

Alboume totalement indispensable.

Les 100 aspects de la Lune ne sont qu'un introduction. Ce message est, de mon point de vue, assez bien illustré. Les belles images, si vous suivez les liens, sont parfois à vendre.
Achetez les alboumes d'Ikue Mori.
Rien que pour le son d'origine.

J'espère que vous écoutez réellement les sons téléchargés, les musiques empruntées.


Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup.

EdkOb a dit…

De rien.
100 aspects de la Lune, est-ce seulement 100 ?