Mary Halvorson Trio "Dragon's Head" & "Live at WFMU"

01 : Old Nine Two Six Two Four Dies (No. 10)
02 : Momentary Lapse (No. 1)
03 : Screws Loose (No. 8)
04 : Scant Frame (No. 2)
05 : Sweeter Than You (No 4)
06 : Sank Silver Purple White (No. 5)
07 : Too Many Ties (No. 6)
08 : Totally Opaque (No. 7)
09 : Dragon's Head (No. 9)
10 : April April May (No. 3).

Mary Halvorson : guitar ; John Hebert : bass ; Ches Smith : drums.

Dragon's Head is guitarist Halvorson's debut as a leader, and there's every reason to hope it'll be the first of many. In the past, she's worked in duos with both violist Jessica Pavone and drummer Kevin Shea, as well as in Anthony Braxton's ensemble. It's clear that she's bringing that wealth of experience to bear on this effort too. The program consists entirely of original compositions, and it's abundantly obvious that they were written with this particular trio in mind. All three musicians bring not only their knowledge of matters technical to the music, but also their individual and collective sympathies. The result is a body of highly individualistic music shot through with the singular energy that only comes from musicians improvising together.
[...] AAJ

Dragon's Head is not Halvorson's first recording, yet it is the first that truly represents her full capacity as both a composer and an improviser; light years ahead of her peers, she is the most impressive guitarist of her generation. The future of jazz guitar starts here.
[...] AAJ

Live at WFMU :

01 : Too Many Ties (n°6)
02 : Momentary Lapse (n°1)
03 : Dragon's Head (n°9)
04 : n° 11

2 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Trio franchement et fraichement vigoureux, qui n'attend pas le poids des années pour imposer une musique libre et belle, où l'impro se met en scène dans des compositions originales.
Comme on dit, dès le début, il y a un style, ce qui n'est pas pour déplaire, et c'est même à ça que l'on peut supposer que cette tête du dragon aura, comme dans la légende, mille têtes (et plus).

Surveillez bien cette fille. Elle possède déjà un langage riche et des arguments en chantiers.



AmiEs des sentiers de traverses, vous serez étonnés.
Parole de passant.

Rick a dit…

thanks for the live Mary Halvorson live tracks.