Hamid Drake & Bindu "Reggaeology"

Hamid Drake: drums, frame drum, tabla, voice
Napoléon Maddox: voice, beatbox
Jeff Parker: guitar
Jeff Albert: trombone, Hammond organ
Jeb Bishop: trombone
Josh Abrams: double bass, guimbri.

Kali's Children No Cry
Hymn of Solidarity
Kali Dub
The Taste of Radha's Love
Meeting and Parting
Take Us Home.

For the first two minutes of atmospheric discourse between the twin trombones of Jeb Bishop and Jeff Albert, and the human beatbox that is Napoléon Maddox, you would be forgiven for thinking that Hamid Drake's Reggaeology was an ironically titled free improv set. But that impression doesn't last. Infectious riddims kick in, based on Bob Marley's "One Drop," and from that point on it's a joyous ride.
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EdkOb a dit…

Mélange de jazz, reggae, musique gnawa, afro-beat... un hymne dansant au métissage.
Pour se souvenir d'où nous sommes, car il semble que les temps actuels sont à l'enfermement.