Cosa Brava "Ragged Atlas"

Fred Frith guitar, bass, voice
Carla Kihlstedt violin, nyckelharpa, bass harmonica, voice
Zeena Parkins accordion, keyboards, foley objects, voice
Matthias Bossi drums, percussion, sruti box, voice
The Norman Conquest sound manipulation

Invité spécial : Anantha Krishnan: mridangam and tabla on For R. D. Burman

1. Snake Eating Its Tail
2. Round Dance
3. Pour Albert
4. R. D. Burman
5. Falling Up (for Amanda)
6. Out on the Town with Rusty, 1967
7. Lucky Thirteen
8. Blimey, Einstein
9. The New World
10. Tall Story
11. For Tom Zé
12. A Song About Love
13. Market Day

The music lies somewhere between folk, Celtic, modern chamber, Latin, funk, Eastern, and prog-rock. Frith has created the classic 1970s rock opera, linking music with spoken/sung lyrics to shape a narrative. The instrumentation and sound manipulation of TNC pushes this music to the edge of chamber music, but also the edges of all the various styles represented. Frith likes using found objects and pushing players instruments into inventive situations. Here, the progressive boundary of rock meets a world traveler's folk. Frith's ideas never stray far from joyous music making.
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EdkOb a dit…

Peut-être pas l'alboume le plus (?)... le plus quoi, au fait ?

Tout ce que fait Fred Frith se transforme en Art. Après, tout est dans votre oeil, et vos oreilles. Je sais, faire de l'oreille un amateur d'Art est surprenant, voire déroutant.
Ne minimisez pas vos oreilles, ce sera l'adage de ce message.

Et à bon entendeur toujours en passant....