893 - Nostalgia 77 Sessions, Julie & Keith Tippetts

01. You Don’t Just Dream When You Sleep
02. Film Blues
03. Sketch For Gary / Billy Goes To Town
04. Mice
05. Rainclouds
06. Lapis Blue
07. Soothing The Rattlesnake
08. Miniature
09. Vienna
10. Visions
11. Okinawa
12. Temple
13. Four Whispers For Archie’s Chair
14. New Inner City Blues

This should be big news: hip experimentalists Nostalgia 77 are joined by the royal couple of UK free jazz to play a listener-friendly, retro-ish mixture of bop, blues and folk-tinged songs.

As Julie was once Julie Driscoll – the grittier, jazzier Dusty Springfield who sang "This Wheel's on Fire" with Brian Auger and the Trinity – and she hasn't sung, nor pianist Keith played, tunes like this for 40 years, the rarity value is huge. And she sounds absolutely great.

Phil Johnson

2 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Un très belle manière de faire un voyage, sans se fixer des contraintes de temps ou de lieux.
Venez sur ma route.


kike hurtado a dit…

Dear EdkOb,

you sorprise me always! Merci for sharing that.

best regards, Kike.