895 - Annelies Monseré "Somewhere Someone"

HIGHLY LIMITED RELEASE PACKAGED IN HANDSTAMPED, HANDWRITTEN SLEEVES* Somewhere Someone is Annelies Monsere's first proper solo output since 2005, and it all focuses on a narrow range of very simple, elemental organ tones, keyboards and chimes in conjunction with a Christina Carter-like voice. There are six beautiful songs assembled on this highly limited 7" release (just 185 copies for the world), beginning with the almost ecclesiastical sounding title track and continuing with the stark loneliness of 'Tree', complete with its waifish piano tones. once again the Christina Carter comparisons are bound to arise on 'A Solitude', which layers Monsere's voice in a startlingly chilly, gothic drone-folk fashion. The B-side brings slightly creepy xylophone tones on 'Golden', and while by rights this should bring a lightness to her music, the end result is downright spine-chilling - it's all so very sparsely laid out. 'A Darkness' and 'II' close proceedings with a more brooding, minor key minimalism, bringing together awkwardly stern violin motifs and piano keys for a most unsettling pair of songs. Excellent.

Cet EP laisse des effluves de poison nonchalant. S'endormir, pour ne pas se reveiller.
Les fleurs (et leurs parfums) du mal, version musicale et (c)hantée.

All instruments by annelies monseré
Mastered by brian john mitchell
Limited to 185 copies, with handwritten and stamped artwork

somewhere someone
a solitude
a darkness

Morc Records

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EdkOb a dit…

Un pur joyau dont le seul défaut est cette forme supérieure d'abandon. Parfois, les sirènes....


Anonyme a dit…

hello :) rapidshare deleted it ... could you please re-upload? thanks =)

EdkOb a dit…

New link :