854 - Noël Akchoté "Lust Corner" : duos avec Marc Ribot et Eugene Chadbourne

Photos de Nobuyoshi Araki.

This is nothing if not a rather weird record. Frenchman Noel Akchote performs six guitar duets apiece with either Marc Ribot or Eugene Chadbourne. Four of the songs are by Ornette Coleman, four are Akchote originals that could have been written by Ornette. Two are collaborations, while Chadbourne contributed "Dirt" (a spacy country-blues number with a vocal), and "Body and Soul" is eccentrically deconstructed. Some of the performances throw away the themes quickly in favor of tonal distortions and feedback. A few of the slower numbers, such as "New York" and "Chesire Hotel," are more thoughtful but no less bizarre. The two guitarists (whether it be Ribot or Chadbourne) constantly echo each other, often out of time and sometimes in different keys. There are dull stretches, but no performance lacks intensity and passion, along with a taste of the absurd. For selective tastes.

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EdkOb a dit…

Attention, ce n'est pas un alboume "savant".

Ce qui est étonnant, c'est le silence qui entoure Noël Akchoté.

Ce musicien doué, imaginatif (rares sont ceux qui possèdent de l'imagination aka qui se remet en question et se projette) et créatif joue dans la cour des plus grands.

Cer alboume de duos en est une amorce étincelante.


Anonyme a dit…

Thanks very much :)

Ochyming a dit…

Noël Akchoté is one of my favorite.
I once gave his Alike Joseph Album to a girl, and still regret it.

I record this to tape from a FM Radio here in Lisbon.