Vic Chesnutt - A life, a storm (1964 / 2009)

#74.1 - Vic Chesnutt - Sponge
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“Right now, I’m in huge trouble in that the hospital is suing me for $35,000, which is terrifying, and the rub is that I have health insurance. I have hospitalization insurance, for which I pay almost $500 a month, and then on top of that I still owe the hospital $35,000. That is truly an insane system. I did everything right and I’m still under the gun.”

Vic Chesnutt / Spinner

3 commentaires:

Thierry a dit…

Tant pis pour nous ...

Godard a dit…

Crazy system they have there, its all very sad and one wonders what impact it had on him!

EdkOb a dit…

@ Thierry
Exact, plus jamais Vic Chesnutt ne chantera. Assister de son vivant à un terme.

@ Godard
Nobody knows why he decided to finish it.

His distress was to be immense.

The system of care is perverse. He eliminates, instead of supporting.