Paul DUNMALL, Trevor TAYLOR, Paul ROGERS "Zoochosis"

Paul Dunmall (saxes)
Taylor (perc, electronics)
Rogers (7 string bass)

1. Bears

2. Birds

3. Monkeys

4. Big Cats

5. Whales And Elephants


Throughout the world including the UK, thousands of zoo animals held in artificial environments with little stimulation, enrichment or opportunity to hide from the public gaze, display unnatural behaviour patterns. Even in the ‘better’ zoos, abnormal behaviour can be widespread, and include repeated pacing, rocking, vomiting and even self mutilation.

Some of these ‘stereotyped’ behaviours displayed by bored and frustrated animals have their basis in activities that occur naturally the wild. But in the impoverished confines of captivity, these behaviours can become compulsive and unnatural.

In 1992, Bill Travers first coined the term ‘zoochosis’ to describe this obsessive, repetitive behaviour, and described zoo animals behaving abnormally as ‘zoochotic’. The terms are now widely recognised and in the public domain, being used in a wide range of journals and publications.


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Les animaux enfermés, qui manifestent des troubles importants du comportement, c'est nous tous.