965 - Sainkho Namtchylak "Aura 1 - Solo voice"

Aura is the first album by Tuvan singer Sainkho with Peter Kowald (Wuppertal, Germany, double bass), Vladimir Tarasov (Vilnius, Lithuania, drums) and Vladimir Volkov (St. Peterburg, Russia, double bass).

The album consists of three pieces:

I AURA solo vocal improvisation by Sainkho
II ADULT'S GAMES duo Sainkho Namtchylak and Peter Kowald
III INITIATION trio Sainkho Namtchylak, Vladimir Tarasov and Vladimir Volkov

Dedicated to my daughter

"may the aura surround you"

When the primal scream entered sound world of the universe it was the first man-made, artificial addendum. Music is the art of the intonated sense; the shout, the groan, the cry and the song were the aural quintessence of the spiritual world of human beings. The aura that personifies sound is transparent through timbre and tone, envelops and tightens the other side of sound, the space of meanings and feelings. Children's games, adult's games, god's games... You can be an idol or a god among the people, but how to make sense of the Divine Game? Just remember that this knowledge or awareness is Truth. Consonance or dissonance, free music, pop music, it's all searching and hunting for the Great Harmony. Listening to the pauses or the endings of music is the initiation into great harmony. As fullness is born into the emptiness of Universal Truth, Absolute Harmony is born into Silence. The three-dimensional illusion we call Life will never be perfect because it is made to beimperfect. It is only a school for feelings and the fantasy, designed to improve the hidden chords of thought. Art exists in order to develop the capacity of human beings to imagine. A hidden knowledge of life exists to serve your capacity to develop. Develop your imagination. Please dream. It's healthy.
Sainkho Namtchylak

CD 1

Solo Sainkho Namtchylak

1. Red Orange (11:51)
2. Deep Blue (13:44)
3. Violet Silver (10:02)

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1 commentaire:

EdkOb a dit…

Exercie très difficile et parfaitement dans la continuité des pratiques de Sainkho : un solo de voix.
Attention, ce n'est pas du chant, et on est très loin des expériences passées, où Sainkho s'approchait parfois d'une musique teintée de "world".
Ici, c'est l'ascèse pure et dure du solo. Pas d'artifices, ni d'utilisations de ressources d'un studio ou de machines.
Et effectivement, ça passe ou pas.
A vous de voir....


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