981 - Hamid Drake / Bindu "Bindu"

01/ Remembering Rituals
02/ Bindu #2 for Baba Fred Anderson
03/ A Prayer for the Bardo, for Baba Mechack Silas
04/ Meeting and Parting
05/ Born Upon a Lotus
06/ Bindu #1 for Ed Blackwell
07/ Bindu #1 for Ed Blackwell, from Bindu to Ojas
08/ Do Khyentse’s Journey, 139 Years and More

Hamid Drake: drum set, frame drum, tabla
Daniel Carter: tenor & alto saxophones, clarinet
Ernest Dawkins: tenor & alto saxophones, percussions
Sabir Mateen: tenor & alto saxophones, voice
Greg Ward: alto saxophone, clarinet
Nicole Mitchell (special guest): flute

Bindu (a term in yoga that means prayer) is a mixture of jazz with Middle Eastern, African and Indian musics. The thirteen-minute "Remembering Rituals," where Drake plays frame drums and Nicole Mitchell flute, is a sound journey that lands the listener in the middle of a North African bazaar. "Bindu # 2 for Baba Fred Anderson"—a more "traditional" jazz composition, albeit in a free style similar to that of former jazz outlaw Ornette Coleman—finds the entire quartet of saxophones (Sabir Mateen, Ernest Dawkins, Greg Ward and Daniel Carter) and drums joining in a blowing and bashing free-for-all. The Middle Eastern journey resumes on a mellow tone with "A Prayer for the Bado."
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4 commentaires:

EdkOb a dit…

Rien à redire, plus qu'un alboume hommage" à Ed Blackwell, c'est une magistrale approche des rythmes qui nourissent l'improvisation d'un des batteurs parmi les plus lyriques.



zebtron a dit…

thanks--you've been posting some great stuff lately

EdkOb a dit…


Thanks to you, to take time to write a message.

The passers-by sometimes are stunned and do not stop for a long time to write just a word.

Nevertheless, the words are important.

Goodbye, in passing.

Anonyme a dit…

thank you so much for the wonderful post. i contribute to these artists when i can, but it helps to hear these sounds so i know where the money should go...